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Looking For Vigornow Reviews?
Read This In-depth Vigor now Max Male Enhancement Review  

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Impassioned intimacy and sexual gratification among partners are the backbones of an exuberant and healthy relationship. We all know that a happy family is a most fundamental part of a peaceful society.


 With time as Human beings are evolving in technological advancement, this new era has brought us many fallbacks along with benefits and wonders. The major issue of this increasingly developing era is depression and anxiety. 


Exposure to full-time dopamine-releasing things like drugs, fast food, video games, nightclubs, excessive alcohol consumption, and the last but not least "The Social media", has not only caused us to psychologically dependent and mind imprisoned but also had caused various biological and health issues. 


Sexual-related issues in both men and women are at the top of the list of these issues. Many biological, psychological, and social factors have influenced men's capability for sexual desire.


Biological factors such as lack or imbalance in sex hormones i.e., testosterone, social factors such as broken family and work-related issues, and psychological factors such as various personality complexes and overstress result in the decline in men's overall sexual performance.


Erectile dysfunction, low testosterone level, a reduced girth of the penis, pre-ejaculation, and low libido are the major sexual issues among men nowadays. If your partner is not satisfied because of these issues, you may face bad mood and anxiety cycles. It can also badly affect your relationship.


If you're facing any of the above-mentioned problems regarding male sexual problems then you don't have to worry about it anymore, because in this article you're going to get a rigorous solution to all your worries. With the improvisation of medical advancement, many formulas, and drugs have been made to enhance male sexual performance.


Among these formulas, VigorNow is the best herbal supplement for the enhancement of male sexual activity. It is considered one of the best because of its effective results and mild side effects. 


VigorNow max is an male enhancement product that not only has proven best in increasing male sexual strength and stamina but has also shown effective results in increasing the volume and sperm count of the ejaculated semen.


In this article, we will discuss in detail the effectiveness, results, and review of the Vigor Now male enhancement. So, stick around to know more about the review of Vigornow male enhancement pills. 

1. What is Vigor Now male enhancement? Is it an herbal product?

VigorNow is by far a 100 percent natural formula, made by Ideal Performance, to enhance male performance with no harmful chemicals involved in the making. It is free of artificial stimulants, flavors, and perfumes which can have a harmful impact body in some ways. If you can have your issues resolved with just one product, why not take a chance then?


Its organic nature aims to boost blood flow and manly strength in users allowing them to have a passionate time with their partners in bed.


So, if enlarged genitals with good stamina and prolonged timing are what you long for, with your bed partner, you no longer need to go through the enlargement surgeries or other chemicals intake for this purpose. VigorNow is the best solution at hand to keep you away from all that mess.


Natural ingredients like Goat weed and Ginger extract in Vigor Now male enhancement are well-known potent substances. These substances are used as an herbal treatment to cure erectile dysfunction and other sexual-related issues. VigorNow is a rich source of such vital ingredients.


Another Asian herb known as “Eurycoma Longifolia” best known for its ability to increase libido and sexual potency in males is also an essential part of Vigor Now male enhancement. These aphrodisiac herbal products not only increase stamina and male power without any harm but also boost sperm volume and the sexual health of men. After all, it is no doubt a dream of almost every young male.


Further detail about the ingredients is given in the latter part of this article.

2. What are the effects of Vigor Now Pills?

As discussed earlier the effects of VigorNow are undoubtedly fruitful and long-lasting. The most noticeable outcomes of VigorNow max include:


·       Healthy erection from engorgement with oxygenated blood

·       Prolonged sexual timing

·       Improved sexual performance

·       Enhanced libido

·       Proper regulation of testosterone level in blood

·       Augmented penis size, hardness, and sperm count


The desirable effects associated with the product vary from person to person depending upon the physical and health condition of a consumer. However, an average increase of 4 to 7 cm with 80 to 97% virility and manhood has been observed so far.


VigorNow max has no doubt given outstanding responses via customers as far as its effectiveness is concerned. Not only this, but the product also claimed to have minimized side effects and adverse allergic reactions.

3. How does VigorNow work? Is it really helpful in enhancing libido?

You might have spent too much of your time browsing on Vigor now websites and reading about its efficient ingredients. But the question arises here is that Does Vigornow really work? Read further to know how the product works its magic to enhance men's power.


The herbal ingredients associated with this product work their wonders in many ways. For example, the Corpus cavernosum is a collection of spongy tissue that run along the shaft of the penis.


These tissues contain a maximum amount of blood vessels that dilate and harden the penis if receive an adequate supply of oxygenated blood. VigorNow ingredients regulate the natural blood flow through these vessels keeping the erectile muscles at their full strength as and when the body requires them.

VigorNow also works best if a consumer takes the specified dosage without a long pause before its results start to show up. It performs its action on the targeted area directly or indirectly i.e., via an endocrine system of your body, which controls the action of all hormonal functions.

Hence it increases sensuous arousal with its organic components. VigorNow max improves intercourse by its all mentioned capabilities. So yes, it is really helpful in enhancing libido. All these reasons make Vigor Now a perfect choice for you if you wish to have a wonderful time with your partner with guaranteed sexual gratification.

4. Is it safe to use Vigor Now? Does it have any harmful effects?

Since the formula is natural and 100% organic, it only gives positive effects on your body. So, yes VigorNow is totally safe and authentic product to use with no negative consequences involved. As per VigorNow's official website, all of its ingredients have passed multiple tests regarding the health of a consumer to make sure that the product is safe to use.


However, mixing this product with any other supplement or medication may inflict some harm. If you’re taking a healthy balanced diet with a proper sleep routine then Vigor Now pills are 100% safe to cure any sexual disorientation.


VigorNow is free from any kind of adverse side effects though mild gastrointestinal discomfort and slight migraine are observed in some consumers which can be taken for granted. This is because we should take consumers’ health profiles into account for expecting such outcomes, which are by far almost negligible.

5. Healthy Ingredients of Vigor Now Male Performance:

Epimedium (horny goat weed):

Epimedium is a flowering plant found mostly in China and few in the Mediterranean region. It is a dietary supplement commonly known for treating men's sexual health.

It is also used to treat the strength of male erection. It has been traditionally used to enhance male stamina and performance. No wonder the VigorNow formula contains this herbaceous member as its ingredient.


Tongkat Ali:

Its scientific name is Eurycoma longifolia. It is a native Southeast Asian plant traditionally used for medicinal purposes for centuries. This herbal remedy is used for the treatment of a variety of ailments including erectile dysfunction, bacterial infections, male infertility, and malaria.

It is potentially known for its ability to increase testosterone levels and thus contribute to improving male sexual performance. Studies in both humans and animals revealed that an adequate intake of Eurycoma longifolia stimulates sexual arousal and improves sperm motility and concentration in men, which ultimately enhances male fertility.

It is also stress releasing substance as it decreases stress hormones in the body, making it the best anti-anxiety and mood-improving supplement. Thus, this is a key ingredient in Vigor Now pills to boost male strength.


Saw palmetto Extract:

Saw palmetto also called Serenoa repens is a shrublike palm. Its ripe fruit is usually used for medicinal purposes. It is historically being used to treat sexual dysfunction in males.

Its primary action involves treating the enlarged prostate, male pattern baldness, and improving urinary function. This natural extract can also be used to increase libido and fertility in men, making it the best ingredient for VigorNow max formula.


Black pepper extract:

Black pepper as we know is the most commonly used kitchen staple around the world. It has been known as “The King of Spices” because of the potential and crucial compounds found in its chemical makeup.

Black pepper extract is also called Bioperine. It is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant extract that is known commonly for its efficient absorption capability.

It also helps to maintain blood pressure and sugar level hence improving overall stamina. Research shows that the compound present in black pepper called piperine has cancer-fighting properties in breast and prostate regions specifically.



Gelatin is colorless, flavorless animal-based food product rich in protein content. As it is a high protein product, thus increases the health and volume of semen. VigroNow, due to these ingredients, is vital for improving sperm count and motility.

6. Warning; things to avoid while using VigorNow max?

Although Vigor Now male enhancement is free from any kind of adverse side effects as claimed by the VigorNow website itself. However, some things need to be taken into consideration while using the product. This is just for precautionary purposes so that you may not face any serious problems in the future.

Do not mix VigorNow pills with other supplements as they may react and alter the chemical makeup of the genuine product. Also, if you're suffering from some serious health issue and already on medication then you must consult your medical professional before using the product. This is because of the reason that your health condition is already at risk. So, you don't have to take further risks without any caution.


In addition, VigorNow max is specifically a men's product that is only recommended for the age above 18. Except for the above-mentioned predicament, VigorNow max is totally safe to use.

7. Is VigorNow better than Viagra (why yes & why no)?

Vigor Now pills improve vitality and stamina in addition to the overall development of your body which is quite unlikely in other products. With the remarkable improvement in the drug industry, there has been a list of male enhancement pills that give shocking results in terms of male virility and performance such as Viagra, Cialis, etc. But these drugs along with their positive results also do some damage at various scales depending upon their intensity and dosage.


Viagra also has some side effects that can be proven quite fatal. These side effects include color vision problems, kidney-related issues, and irregular heartbeat. Vigor Now pills however come clean as far as the side effects are concerned.


VigorNow max not only enhances sexual endurance but also gives benefits to other organs and tissues of the body by elevating your mood and releasing stress.


Customer reviews about Vigor Now pills are totally positive and satisfactory. It has received high praise from customers and experts. Many people claimed that they experience intense satisfaction and passionate make out with their partners after using VigorNow max.

8. Vigor Now Suggested Dosage:

A single bottle of Vigor Now contains 60 potent capsules. We recommend that you take 2 pills per day for better results. Do not exceed this count as more dosage can cause some complexities. Its daily consumption would still make each bottle last for a whole month.

According to experts’ opinion, Vigor now pills can be taken before or after a meal but with a minimal gap of 6 to 8 hours for two consecutive pills. You may use plenty of water for effective outcomes.

9. How long does VigorNow take to give the best results?

VigorNow results as per the official website are visible within the first 2 to 3 weeks of the course beginning. A minimum of 4 to 6 weeks is required for better results. However, these results may vary from person to person depending upon the diet, routine, and overall health of a consumer.


A healthy consumer can respond within a few days and showed amazingly effective results in the second and third weeks of the supplement course.


However, a consumer with a declined health can start showing better results in about 2 to 3 months after he improve his diet and took the pills regularly without pause.

Some people complain that they didn’t get the effective results as they have tried it just for 2 to 3 days. It is to be noted that being an herbal product VigorNow activates your body's natural chemical agents slowly and consistently to produce a sufficient amount of testosterone. So, to get satisfactory results, you must complete the dosage course patiently. It may take 2 to 3 months for its long-lasting outcomes.

10. How to buy VigorNow max pills (What would be the price)?

Although Vigor Now male enhancement is available on a variety of e-commerce platforms.

It is still recommended to buy it through a reputable official website to avoid any wrong experience regarding the originality of the product.

The following package is available on the official website:


Buy 1 bottle & get 1 free -  $ 62.50 per bottle

Buy 2 bottles & get 1 free - $ 49.98 per bottle

Buy 3 bottles & get 2 free - $ 39.74 per bottle


You can also select free shipping or expedited shipping for $4.99.


11. Return & Refund policy of the Product:

If by any chance you’re not satisfied with the product or have somehow changed your mind, you can easily return the product and ask for a refund. Vigornow manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee which means you don’t have to risk your money.

12. Conclusion:

To conclude, Vigor Now male performance is the best solution to deal with men's sexual issues that may put them in an awkward scenario with their partners. Many customers have verified its positive effects after using the supplement.


In addition to reducing premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, VigorNow induces sex drive and enhances the testosterone level in males to perform well while having an intercourse. It infuses powerful chemicals in muscles to let you perform well without muscle fatigue and elevate sexual stamina.


Vigor Now is a medically tested natural alternative to Viagra and other medicinal drugs that inflicts no serious side effects to consumers.

If you're looking for trouble-free solution for your sexual performance then VigorNow max is the best choice you've got so far. It works in a short time with long-lasting results.


You can buy the product online through the official website to avoid any scams.

Most importantly VigorNow gives 60 days money-back guarantee. In case you're not satisfied, you can simply contact customer support and have your money refunded. I'd recommend you should at least give it a try and see the results yourself.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Supplements not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any medical treatment. Please seek the advice of a healthcare professional for your specific health concerns. Individual results may vary.

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